Care Credit

CareCredit payment plan card

Since we do not have the resources to offer our own payment plan, we ask that you consider Care Credit, a credit card just for your pet's health needs. 

Applications are available on the Care Credit website. We can answer most questions and facilitate the application process.

Pet Care Insurance

Pet Health Insurance

You are required to pay the veterinarian up front, but your insurance provider will reimburse you for covered medical expenses, which we will document.

Please understand that pet health insurance companies do not pay us, they  reimburse you. 

We have no affiliation with providers, but some clients have used the following companies:

Do your research on what is covered before you choose a company and plan.

Alternative/Subsidized Care Options

A cat is being examined to illustrate a list of Alternative/Subsidized Pet Care Options

Some of these organizations provide low cost (donor-subsided, sometimes income qualified) spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines and microchips—while some provide additional surgical and dental health services. 

Contact them directly for more information.

Respected Sources of Information

A puppy looks at a laptop computer to illustrate a list of Respected Sources of Information about pet health care

If you would like to research a medical condition or veterinary-related topic, these sites are well known and respected within the veterinary field.  As we all know, doing a random Internet search isn’t always that effective.

When You Need a Specialist

A lab is having stitches removed to illustrate a paragraph titled When You Need a Specialist

When you need a veterinary specialist, it is important to check a specialist's references and credibility. We can suggest hospitals and specialists in the area that might be able to address your needs.

Pet Loss Support

A woman appears to be sad, illustrating a list of Pet Loss Support resources

We understand the great sense of loss that you can feel after the death of a beloved pet. If you find your grief to be overwhelming or you just need someone to talk to, please consider these resources:


To honor your pet’s memory, you might want to consider making a donation to a non-profit of your choice that helps animals in need.  Some non-affiliated local non-profits include:

When you find yourself ready to adopt a new furry family member, please first consider adopting from a local animal shelter or rescue group where so many furry companions already await loving homes.